3 Sophisticated Teapot Lines That Will Surely Wow

Teaazi, with their modern and stylish, yet functional teapots were featured in the World Tea News.

New Teaware That Will Surely Wow

When it comes to teaware design, American and international companies are on trend by being conscientious not only with regard to visual aesthetics but also functionality and in how teaware affects the flavor of the tea and the customer’s experience of drinking it. Teaazi, VIVA Scandinavia and Finum are three companies offering modern teaware that looks sleek while enhancing the tea drinking experience.

All three companies have combined stunning style with effective functioning. They have designed insulated teapots, so tea can stay hot for extended periods of time while tea drinkers can comfortably handle them. Their teapots are designed for loose leaf tea so tea drinkers get the most flavorful and beneficial beverage. All of the companies take pride in using quality materials./

Under Colorful Cover

Teaazi’s yellow teapot is meant to brighten a person’s day. Photo courtesy of Teaazi.

Teaazi’s yellow teapot is meant to brighten a person’s day. Photo courtesy of Teaazi.


Teaazi’s yellow teapot is meant to brighten a person’s day. Photo courtesy of Teaazi.

Los Angeles-based Teaazi offers porcelain teapots in vibrant hand-selected colors like yellow, red and copper.

Teaazi’s founder, Azi Vojdani, said, “Our mission was to design a line of teapots that would be functional, yet look beautiful, yet be able to be in a price point where people can purchase them for their homes or as gifts and to bring back that tea drinking philosophy to people again and allow the teapots to enhance their experience.”

The outer covers of the teapots are made of stainless steel, which Vojdani chose for its ability to retain heat. All of the teapots come with a stainless steel infuser inside. These 700 cc teapots debuted in February of 2017 and a smaller 400 cc version will come to market in January of 2018. Vojdani and her teapots will be at the Los Angeles Christmas Cash and Carry Gift Show, Nov. 3, 4, 5 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Denmark Design

Lauren Tea Set, photo courtesy of VIVA Scandinavia

Lauren Tea Set, photo courtesy of VIVA Scandinavia



A group of Danish designers who wanted to share their passion for tea founded VIVA Scandinavia.

“VIVA wants to make the most beautiful teaware in the market and with the best quality there is available to elevate everyone’s tea experience infused with a blend of Scandinavian design,” said Managing Director Kees van Elderen. “Our ambition is to own the category. We want to be a teaware specialist.”

VIVA Scandinavia’s approach is to offer porcelain, glass and double-insulated teapots at three price points. Van Elderen has noticed an increase in the demand for glass teapots and strong sales of cork.

The company just launched a 50 SKU concept, which will appear in the United States at the New York Tabletop Show Oct. 17-20, just in time for this winter holiday season. VIVA Scandinavia’s products can currently be purchased in 15 countries and the demand is solid. “It’s quite exciting, what we are doing,” said van Elderen.

A Glass Act

Finum’s Tea Control 0.4; Photo credit: Finum.com

Finum’s Tea Control 0.4; Photo credit: Finum.com


Finum, a German manufacturer based in Hamburg, has cleverly designed several glass tea brewers. CEO Christian Justus refers to them as “glass systems.”

Two teaware collections that Justus is excited about promoting this winter holiday season are: the Horeca collection and the Tea Control series. Finum’s Horeca brewing system is made out of stylishly molded, durable glass with a filter insert and a cover to prevent heat loss. The Tea Control Series is Finum’s own patented design of sophisticated glass teapots that allow tea drinkers to control the brewing strength of their tea with a simple turn of the lid. Finum also offers a series of double walled glasses with filter inserts, “so they keep your hands cool and comfortable while keeping your drink hot, which wonderful,” said Justus.

Finum distributes exclusively to wholesalers and tea retailers. Retailers can order Finum products from finumb2b.com. Justus aims to showcase Finum’s products at trade shows in the future.


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